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Family Reunification / Family Formation

The Dutch citizen who is married to a foreigner must have a salary of at least Ang. 1,500.00.
In the case of a marriage between foreigners, the main applicant must have a minimum salary of Ang. 3,000.00.
In case of requests of (for¹) children of foreign and Dutch (not born in Curaçao) nationality, the following standard amounts must be added in addition to the above-mentioned standard amounts as an additional financial security;

a. Children until 5 years of age – Ang. 250,= gross per month per child
b. Children until 11 years of age – Ang. 350,= gross per month per child
c. Children from 12 years of age and older – Ang. 500,= gross per month per child

¹For children means children born from a previous marriage or relationship of a parent who subsequently entered into a new (marriage) relationship in the Netherlands Antilles or abroad.

The foreign national must submit an application for Permit for Temporary Stay (VTTV) with the purpose of Family reunification and he must meet the requirements in the attached requirement list.

The following conditions apply to both family reunification and family formation:

  • the person with whom admission is requested must have sufficient means of subsistence in a sustainable and independent manner. 
  • the person applying for admission must have sustainable suitable housing that is effectively available. If the applicant is living on the island, there should be no objection to the occupancy or lodging of the family members to be admitted.
  • the foreigner who applies for admission may not pose a threat to public order. The same requirements are imposed on family members as with regard to the other applicants for residence permits.

The foreign national who is married to a Dutch citizen receives a permit for temporary residence, without a work ban. This means that his/her employer is exempt from applying for an employment permit and can participate in the labor market.

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