Surveillance in foreigner law generally aims on the one hand to ensure the orderly progress of the entry of foreigners and, secondly, to register the legal residence of those who have been admitted. On the other hand, it relates to the deportation of foreigners who are not or are no longer allowed to stay in Curaçao.

Surveillance measures are based on regulations and literature. These measures concern, among other things, the identification obligation, the notification of a change of residence or place of residence in Curaçao. Furthermore, it concerns freedom-restricting and freedom-depriving measures; stopping, detaining a foreigner and declaring him/her undesirable.

Except for the prevention of illegal entry and residence, the Supervision of Foreign Nationals should also provide insight into the behavior of foreigners legally residing in Curaçao, insofar as these behaviors are relevant in connection with the implementation of the LTU and the policy on foreign nationals. Thus, the factual data (number of foreign nationals, their places of residence and purpose of stay, their family composition and their living and working conditions) that should form the basis of the policy on foreign nationals to be pursued, can be fully or partially obtained via the supervision of foreign nationals.

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