Admission office

Mission & Vision


Assess the requests (for admission) of individuals based on current legislations and regulations and within the stipulated time in a decisive, professional and honest manner.


Be a professional and dynamic organization for admission of individuals to Curaçao in accordance with the applicable rules.

The objectives of the Admission Office

  • Processing applications for admission, residence and naturalization in a systematic, professional, honest and client-oriented manner, so that the client’s needs are met in accordance with current legislations and regulations.
  • Informing clients in a correct, complete, comprehensible and uniform manner, whereby in special cases the information is tail ored as much as possible to the specific needs of clients.
  • Promoting cooperation in the internal organization within the immigration process with other important stakeholders through adequate coordination of processes, procedures and (information) systems.
  • Making a contribution to policy development in the field regarding foreign nationals. 

The Admissions Organization processes the following requests:

  • Residence permits
  • Tourist extension 
  • Declaration Van Rechtswege
  • Declaration Niet van Toepassing
  • Proof of return (Re-entry)

The Admissions Organization is also tasked with:

  • giving advice on policy changes 
  • representing the Minister of Justice in the objection and appeal process 



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