Objection and Appeal

Object or appeal against the decision of Admissions Organization

Do you disagree with the decision of the Admission Office? Then you can file an objection with the Admission Office or appeal to the court against this decision. On this page you can read how to do that.

File an objection

You have 6 weeks to submit a notice of objection. The term starts from the day the decision of the Admission Office is sent to you.

How do you submit an objection?
You can submit the notice of objection (preferably) by e-mail to info@immigrationcur.org. You will receive a confirmation by return after the notice of objection has been received.

Send the notice of objection to:
The Admission Office Curaçao
Tauber Building
Prinsenstraat 90, Punda
Willemstad, Curaçao

Requirements to the notice of objection

Your notice of objection must be submitted in writing and must contain at least the following information:

  • Your name, first names and place of residence and, if submitted by an authorized representative, also the name, first names and place of residence of the authorized representative;
  • A clear description of the decision against which the notice of objection is directed;
  • Why you are filing an objection;
  • An indication of what you want/what the desired decision should be;
  • Your signature or the signature of your authorized representative;
  • The choice of your place of residence in Curaçao, if you do not have a place of residence in Curaçao.

Also include a copy of the decision which you disagree and the related documents should be attached to the notice of objection.

An authorized representative

You can also have someone else to submit your notice of objection. The following persons can file an objection for you:

  • A lawyer.
  • Your legal representative. This is a parent, guardian or someone else who manages your affairs.
  • A special authorized representative. This is someone who gets permission from you to file an objection for you. In a written authorization you state who you authorize and what you authorize this person for. Your authorized representative must send a copy of this written authorization (when submitting the notice of objection) to the Admission Office Curacao.

Processing the notice of objection

The receipt of your notice of objection will be confirmed to you as soonest possible. If the objection is admissible (meets all legal requirements), your notice of objection will be dealt with substantively. You may be asked to provide additional documents or information. It is also possible that you will be heard. During the hearing you will have the opportunity to explain your notice of objection orally.

The Admission Office aims to process your notice of objection within the legal term of a maximum of five (5) months.

Withdrawing the notice of objection

Have you changed your mind and want to withdraw your objection? Then you must do this in writing.

Disagreeing with decision on objection

Do you disagree with the decision or handling of your objection by the Admission Office? Then you can appeal to the Court of First Instance of Curaçao. There are costs associated with this.

You can also choose to skip the objection procedure at the Admission Office and appeal directly to the Court of First Instance of Curaçao.

In the notice of appeal, you have to write why you do not agree with the decision (on your objection) of the Admission Office. Enclose a copy of the decision of the Admission Office as well. The judge will assess your notice of appeal.


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