Permit and declaration

Permit and Declaration

Here you can find the necessary information to submit a permit or declaration.


If you have a foreign nationality, then you have to submit a request for a residence permit. There are different objectives for which the request can be submitted. You can find the objectives back in the column PERMIT.


Declarations are split up in two types:

  • Declaration Van Rechtswege
  • Declaration Niet van Toepassing

Do you have the Dutch or American nationality?
Are you coming to work as a consul or consular staff, military or deployed personnel?
Under Declaration Van Rechtswege, you can find different objectives for which this can be submitted. You can find the different obejctives back in the column DECLARATION.

Is one of your parents, a Dutch citizen born in Curaçao?
Then you must submit a request for a Declaration Niet van Toepassing.
You will find the requirements for this in the column DECLARATION.


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