Military service personnel

Military service personnel

Are you coming to work as a military service personnel at the Ministry of Defense? 
Then you have to submit an application for a Declaration Van Rechtswege with the purpose as military service personnel.

The requirements for the application are:

  • Copy valid passport;
  • Deployment order Ministry of Defense


Before submitting the application, make sure you have collected all the requirements. If so, the application can be submitted. All requirements must be scanned in PDF format. Click here to submit the application. 


After the application has been submitted, the Admission Office has 4 months to take a decision on your application. After the decision is ready, it will be e-mailed to you.

If you have received a positive decision, you must make an appointment to receive the Declaration van Rechtswege. Click here to make the appointment.

If you have received a negative decision, then you have 6 weeks to file a notice of objection. The notice of objection must be e-mailed to

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