Permanent departure

Permanent departure

Are you going to leave the country permanently? 
Then you should take the following into account.

People with Dutch nationality
As a Dutch, you do not have to comply with the procedure for permanent departure.You are however, obliged to:

  • Settle outstanding fines with the Public Prosecutor as well as
  • Take care of outstanding tax returns and their payment to the tax authorities and
  • Deregister from the Civil Registry

Other nationalities

As a foreigner, you must complete the permanent departure procedure before your departure.

To start the process, you must first pay the amount of Ang. 145,= in fees and retributions.

After the payment has been made, you must make an appointment.

You must bring your passport and proof of payment fees and retributions to receive the stamp form.

With the stamp form you should then go to:

  • the Public Prosecutor’s Office 
  • the Tax Office
  • Public Affairs (location Kranshi)

After receiving your proof of deregistration from Public Affairs, you must make a second appointment

You should bring the following with you to your second appointment:

  • Passport
  • Completed stamp form 
  • Proof of deregistration from Public Affairs
  • Flight ticket
  • Other documents you have received from the other government agencies 
  • If applicable, original proof of payment guarantee deposit

Then you will receive the final stamp from us. If a guarantee deposit has been paid, you will receive a voucher as well.

With the voucher you must present this at the Tax Office to collect the guarantee deposit fee back.
You can then inquire with the Tax Office about the options for transferring.

Below you will find the payment order for the procedure:

0When paying, the following details of the applicant must be stated as a reference:

1) full first and last name
2) date of birth

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