Additional documents

Additional documents

Additional documents when traveling outside the vacation period

Due to the compulsory education of minors, permission from the school principal must be submitted outside vacation periods. In case of a total exemption from compulsory education, a decision of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport must be submitted to prove the exemption. 

Additional documents when emigrating

A minor who is going to study abroad, or in any case is emigrating, will also have to submit the relevant certificate of deregistration (document and stamp in the passport) from Public Affairs (Kranshi).

Additional documents when minor is emigrating alone

When the minor is emigrating within the Kingdom, without the authorized parent(s) or guardian, the declaration of no-objection granted by the Guardianship Council must also be submitted in addition to the above-mentioned documents.

Obtaining the latter declaration requires a timely request at the Guardianship Council (6 months in advance). 


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