Documents for Residents


The following listed documents are those required in regular cases, when traveling as a minor or with a minor. In special cases, the additional applicable documents may be required by the Border Authorities. 

If the required documents are not presented, the departure or entry will not be allowed, for the protection of the minor.

For the consent of the authorized parent(s) or guardian(s) to be uniform, a consent form⁴ has been designed, which must be completed in full and signed by the legal representatives, giving consent to the minor and designating the accompanying adult (an individual or on behalf of an institution) to whom the care is entrusted during and/or for the period specified on the form. 

The following documents must be shown to the border official on duty, when traveling as a minor or with a minor. The documents are listed by situation of the minor.

³ Be it Dutch or foreign national; Foreign national minors who are residents of Curaçao should adhere to these guidelines as much as possible

⁴ See attached consent form


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