General information

General information

Extract from the Parental Authority Register

To obtain an extract from the Parental Authority Register at the Common Court of Justice (Kas di Korte), a request must be made at least 7 working days in advance. The request must be accompanied by a long extract from Public Affairs (Kranshi), not older than 3 months. A court fee of NAF 50 will be charged for each request / deed. One must pay the court fee upon submission of the request at the information desk, or in case of digital submission of the request⁷, upon collection of the deed.

Public Affairs (Kranshi)

To obtain a birth certificate or extract from the basic records, an appointment must be made. The cost for obtaining a birth certificate is Naf 20,– and Naf 10,– for the long extract.


In view of the various documents that need to be submitted, the various appointments that need to be made with the aforementioned agencies, and the waiting period to receive these documents, it is advised to begin preparations to travel with a minor in a timely manner.

Emergency and special cases

In emergency and special cases, such as medical cases, the Team Leader of the Border Control Department of the Aliens Supervision and Border Control Unit can be contacted at the telephone number +5999 674 0143.


The present circular will enter into force as of July 1, 2023
A transition period of 1 month will be taken into account regarding documents to be submitted; during the transition period, a family book (“Buki di famia”) may replace the birth certificate and the long extract.

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